Friday, June 02, 2006

hey ppl
this is my first blog, so i dunno what to write, so well i decided to write bout nothin...... so well this is bout the nothing.....

so what is one supposed to write when u talkin bout nothin as such......... jus the nothing ness in life - btw thats my life for NOW!!!!!!!!! havin quit my job n before goin back to studies this is a phase of nothing ness , i believe....... well nothing, what else is nothin ....... that moment of the day , when u finished off with ur work or srtudies or whatever & u dont know what else to do - no parties to go to , no book to read, no friend u particularly wanna talk to..... jus U with urself....... the moment of retrospect..... when u look back at ur day & breath a sigh of relief ( u r doin wht u want to, u achieved somethin - creative, as human, technologically speakin, monetarily ......) or maybe jus regret the whole process life per se or maybe jus feel nothin (maybe u hv resigned to fate, livin life for some1 else doin everythin for somethin which is NOT that important to YOU) .... there are days one feels, all this is useless - the life itself maybe - maybe NOT!!!!!!!!! do u feel so ? do u feel those moments in ur days ? or maybe its jus my imagination ........ but if u do, does nt nothing ness become the most important feelin of em all....... the most important phase of ur life........ when u actually grab hold of what u doin......... or maybe all this is crap ......... well then all this is nothing!!!!