Sunday, September 24, 2006

hmmm, am back again.....

well i guess all of us have heard bout this moon landing conspiracy theory pretty well, as to how NASA has cheated us all(the whole DAMNED world) into believin that it has sent ppl on moon, when it actually has'nt.....

well, the truth i really dunno.... but does nt it sound rediculuos that NASA would fool the whole world in believin that it has sent astronauts on moon... well, somethings we jus take for granted - this is one of them... the fact that man has landed on moon & all stuff regardin that... then y all this conspiracy theory bout it being faked n all ??? well, all these conspiracy theories have taken a really close look & thought bout it n all.... they have studied it, so as to say.... they MUST be usin some brain.... (a LOT of that actually) which i dunno y was NOT put into thinkin bout somethin constructive ... i mean would it change the world or the way we live (eXcept the fact that it would be an embarrassement to NASA & US & they puttin in shit LOADS of money into sendin some1 there - which might actually be good in a sense that it might reduce the american war eXpenses ;) but this is height of potimism.....) what i mean to say as to how much does it actually affect our daily lives....

any which ways, we are entitled to know the truth - we should know that what we are considerin as FACTS are infact FACTS.... so lets eXplore the idea of the moon landing being hoaX.... there are many stuff which supports the theory- like the flag, the shadows, camera symbols n stuff like that... but there is one thing i truly believe in - can some one or some organiZation (however intelligent) really fool all the people in this world ?????!!!!!????? that idea in itself sounds so rediculously funny...... c'mon where the FUCK are we livin, can all the ppl in the world be made to convince into some lie, & such a big one for that ??? this idea in itself is craZy.... cmon, what the heck are we supposed to be ??? if we jus keep on questionin like this (i am very pro questionin in general) we should be askin questions on everyhin , gravity n all etc..... is it really feasible to dupe generations of ppl into somethi.... somethin s i believe should be left for our intuition or ur heart... the conspiracy theory seems to be a publicity stunt kinda thing... it seems more like, ppl look at us - we are the ones who are questionin the stuff we all take so matter of factedly... it is like of those wanna be cult groups - we are different from what... we are the ones who think different from the rest of the world.. we are the ones who are gonna change the world... they say that we like to believe so we believe, so whats wrong in that ???? especially when we hv quite some evidence in our hands... everythin does nt work with logic, sometimes u jus gotta give it to emotions, at the end of the day its all bout emotions... we are emotionl beings after all... i DONT say believe in everythin jus for the heck of emotions... but we hv got proof enough to support it... y the heck always say that the govt sucks???? y the FUCK blame everythin on em ??? y the FUCK make them the assholes always ??? i aint sayin they r good or anythin but then pls DONT start goin on talkin bout stuff that are truly baseless.... & even if u want to pls DO it in some stuff which really matters, stuff which really can change ppl lives for the better... NOT jus for the heck of being "different".. i DONT agree to or accept the television channels doin it majrly for the viewership count... controversy sells & so DO it ??? thats wrong & if u want to pls do it in some meaningful stuff, LOTs of oppurtuniy to....

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

i got this mail (infact i dunno how many times over.... & i hv never forwarded it ever )

I'm 11 years old.
My mommy worked on the 20th floor
in the World Trade Tower.
On Sept. 11 2001 my daddy drove my mom to work.
She was running late so she left her purse in the car.
My daddy seen it so he parked the car and went
to give her the purse.
That day after school my daddy didn't
come to pick me up.
Instead a police man came and took me to foster care .
Finally I found out why my daddy never came..
I really loved him....
They never found his body..
My mom is in the the Hospital since then..
She is losing lots of blood..
She needs to go through surgery..
But since my daddy is gone and no one is working..
We have no money ..
And her surgery cost lots of money..
So the Red Cross said that..
or every time this email is fwd we
Will get 10 cent for my mom's surgery.
So please have a heart and fwd this to everyone you know
I really miss my daddy
and now I don't
want to lose my mommy too.. *
R.I.P. Daddy..(James Thomas)

i really feel BAD when i get these mails, NOT jus for the content of the mail but for the fact that we have to FORWARD such stuff!!!
i feel a hell lot for all ppl who hv died esp due to some ass es work & esp WTC ... in fact i think it is one of those incidents which really really shook me to my roots...... trust me on it!!!!

but then this mail is a BAD joke on them .... & on intl red cross society in totality.... do we really believe that we forward this mail & the intl red cross society donates stuff for some1 ... they do all the relief work & all that anyways , they DONT need we forwarding mails to each other for that they aint commercial that they get any benefit of this "issue" being publicised in such a senti way y the FUCK will any1 do good for any1 jus coZ others are forwardin the mails, which in totality means they DONT wanna do it.... if u wanna do it, y the FUCK will u need others to forward stupid mails regarding that ?????????? really wanna be pro active ? pls go to some of the many fund raisin websites & donate for urself (if u want website addresses, ask me i will give it to u) is this the level of our pro activity that we will forward mails to every1 bout some1 losing their parent(s)?????!!!!???? this is a shame to humanity in itself.... i dunno how the heck can ppl take this ?????? if u CANT do anythin, it can be accepted but this is a shame that we will "forward" jus to make ourselves more comfortable to the fact that we did somethin.... how the heck can this even be "humane"... it is MERE selfishness & a self eXcuse leadin to a sense of satisfaction that " yes! we did somethin " "yes! we care" & how the FUCK can this be accepted that to mere forward a mail would u need the case to be told so dramatically & sentimental way... this is a shame on us!!!! that we are so bloody COLD blooded that we need this kind of a emotionally shatterin mail jus for forwardin the mail

it could jus have been :

this is a fund raisin mail.... it will raise fund for a WTC victim's wife who is in hospital since the tragic accident.... pls forward this mail.... red cross will donate $$$$ for each time this mail is forwarded... pls forward this to every1 u know...

well, feel free to give ur opinions.... & this post is a bit a abusive but it really pissed me out!!!

hey there to no1
coZ nobody s reading this thing, i believe.... well, with the amount of posts i do, i DONT think that very surprising.... but i dunno what to write bout?????!!!!!!!?????????
anyways , here i am in NID (supposedly the best design school in the country) doing a Post grad course in Film n Video Communications course ... its an aweSOME place to be - to learn, to unlearn, to create, to grow..... but do i deserve to be here ?????? well, NOT in my opinion, i believe that every1 has a limit or an eXtent to which one can grow - the potential, as we know it... & one is NOT only doing injustice to another student who might be more capable of being in such a place but also to oneself - its NOT a help, coZ every1 has to grow in a certain path - certain way coZ every1 has to rise from a diff level, coZ we all are different with intellect & aptitude for diff areas & it WONT help the person if he or she is put in a gr8 place jus for the heck of it (without any aptitude for it) & that s y reservations DONT work, as in, if a person is capable enough to be in a place - (s)he will be , they WONT need any help of any sort & if (s)he is NOT then that person is just wasting the resources - coZ that s NOT what (s)he should be doing.... a gr8 place is NOT a gr8 place by the virtue of gr8 ness but coZ of the output of ppl it has.... so even a so called "mediocre" institution is also gr8 if it actually is able to teach ppl in there... if there is a considerable growth in the learnin & understandin of the particular area after a student is over with the course.... but that leads to another point that the level of learnin of each student from an institution is very different & thats surprisingly weird coZ they are being taught the same stuff by the same faculties with the same resources... but that is also pretty obviously simple when u consider the fact that it is the student who has to learn & NOT the institution which has to feed as in the onus is & should be on the student.... so there is one group of students of a batch who would love the place & come out happy & satisifed by the amount of learnin etc while there will be another which cribs.... there might be places n times where the cribbin is justified but majorly most students crib without even taking even a partial advantage of the available resources which again shows the students interest leve & intllect level (compared ot the basic level of others in the institution the open ness to learnin & the belief of the student that the person CAN learn somethin of use from the place(if in the first go only u consider it a fact that the place sucks, then it will be like that) the ego level issues of the student........ basically speaking as to respect the place u in & tryin to learn as much as u can.....
coming back to the point of me feelin that i DONT deserve to be in this place.... does it relly help to be with so many other geniuses ???? well, i DON T think so, coZ though the kind of ppl u with really does affect ur own thinking but then the potential aspect comes into play....

well, i think its already too long so will write bout it the neXt time round........
so long.........

Friday, September 08, 2006

hi ppl
this post is comin after a long long time.......

i dunno y, but i jus felt tht i should be puttin something up in here.... (or i had left it defunct), i am pretty sure tht i DONT hv an audience for this page so i also dunno if any1 would actually read it but NO harm jus shittin stuff out of ur brain ....

well, the other day was a day i was feeling really really low!!!! i dunno y, there was NOTHiN special tht happened on the particular day or there was NOTHiN special i was thinkin of... but jus tht i was feelin really low.... but was i NOT thinkin of anythin.... well..... maybe i was jus feelin lonely, yeah i was... i guess tht s it - i was feelin lonely coZ i was missin some1 i had lost a few yrs ago on that particular reason ... but i DONT believe in dates DONT make any diff to me but why does this happen then ?????!!!!!???? am i being hypocrytic ????!!!!??? i DONT know but dates DONT matter me as such.... i think what happens is that u know of the particular date.... & then u co-relate urself with that dates incident sub consiously... its NOT that u DONT remember it any other day, jus that the particular day the co relation is pretty strong.... i still DONT believe in dates, my birthday could nt hv been in any other day or the person could hv died any other day, so why the heck does the date become so important. it DOES NT ,,, its jus in the brains tht u start think as the co relation within the days....

imagine, if we were to follow the lunar calender instead of the solar one, the days & dates would hv been completely differrent as compared to the present situation.... but would tht particular date hurt me same as NOW!!!! it would hv, coZ its NOT the day or date tht matters it is jus our sub consious effort to make us co relate stuff to whtever is familiar. So , we hv days were we celebrate stuff tht s happened yrs ago or grouse for tht matter.......

so long!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 03, 2006

i was jus wonderin, as to y does it feel BAD to be left out ? i mean u r left out of something for some valid reason for the better result / efficient working of a thing & still one feels bad........ y? is it because our ego is crushed or maybe jus that we consider ourselves to be the best for the job ? maybe it is jus one of the many problems mankind has - considering oneself to be the best for the paritcular job. maybe we make up our mind to believe that we are the most suited for a job. maybe NOT , coZ sometimes u know as to that the other person is in fact more capable of doing that "thing". or maybe we make it a point of jouissance or instant gratification. & thats why maybe it hurts when some1 tells u that u can NOT have that. & if this is true then, maybe it is also the reason it hurts when you make an elaborate plan( of having fun with friends, of workin & achieving something, of movies, dinner etc ) & it really depresses one, when the plan has to be crapped out coZ of some reason. but then, when u think of it, when u r left out it hurts coZ ur PLAN getrs crapped, as in one thinks some stuff & plans out somethin when one eXpects to be part of somethin. so does it mean we should STOP plannin ? or jus give it less importance in life ? or maybe jus let things be ? how does it make any difference when one feels low ? what is feeling low anyways ? i mean how do u eXplain the feelin of sinkin in ur heart, when one does nt gets what one wants....... when u dont feel like doin anythin & yet u r restless like hell ..........
....................................................(maybe will talk bout it neXt time round)

i dunno !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 02, 2006

hey ppl
this is my first blog, so i dunno what to write, so well i decided to write bout nothin...... so well this is bout the nothing.....

so what is one supposed to write when u talkin bout nothin as such......... jus the nothing ness in life - btw thats my life for NOW!!!!!!!!! havin quit my job n before goin back to studies this is a phase of nothing ness , i believe....... well nothing, what else is nothin ....... that moment of the day , when u finished off with ur work or srtudies or whatever & u dont know what else to do - no parties to go to , no book to read, no friend u particularly wanna talk to..... jus U with urself....... the moment of retrospect..... when u look back at ur day & breath a sigh of relief ( u r doin wht u want to, u achieved somethin - creative, as human, technologically speakin, monetarily ......) or maybe jus regret the whole process life per se or maybe jus feel nothin (maybe u hv resigned to fate, livin life for some1 else doin everythin for somethin which is NOT that important to YOU) .... there are days one feels, all this is useless - the life itself maybe - maybe NOT!!!!!!!!! do u feel so ? do u feel those moments in ur days ? or maybe its jus my imagination ........ but if u do, does nt nothing ness become the most important feelin of em all....... the most important phase of ur life........ when u actually grab hold of what u doin......... or maybe all this is crap ......... well then all this is nothing!!!!